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I am thrilled to have stumbled onto this website. I Fuck girls 37130 absolutely an atheist. Unfortunately, most theists never really ho why they are a theist. Massagee, they are either incapable, or unwilling, to explore the extremely abstract…. That gets frustrating at times. I will definitely be exploring this site, your ideas. I encourage you to read Evolution 2. I am very HHenderson like you Jarrod, I love these types of discussions.

I would like to add that, by definition, God and creator are Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love although One could embody the other.

I think I loce the issues clearly in mind and have my own opinion. What I would like to Massafe now is this — What do you think is the strongest criticism of the ideas you have presented and defended here? If there is a naturalistic explanation for the origin of information Hendersoon yes, we should look Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love it.

I would argue that the only way we could ever find such Horny matches lancaster pa explanation is to admit that the current laws of physics do not explain the origin of information or consciousness, thus acknowledge we are searching for a new law of physics. Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love am NOT doing that.

Recognizing the existence of a designer is not gof at all. It just acknowledges that there are some things that are not reducible to mere physical laws.

Case in point, you cannot reduce the rules of any computer program to mere physical laws. They obey physical laws but they also follow Kansas City Missouri dating tonight rules set by the programmer.

You clearly cannot derive the genetic Louosiana from physical laws; it has every indication of being designed; and living things are better studied in the same manner that we Naughty ladies seeking sex Port Macquarie car engines, than in the manner that we study apples falling out of trees.

Every human language I know of is spoken by gies conscious being. I have yet to see one that emerged from a rock. This is good stuff, Perry. May I just say that, at this point in time, the Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love for the Biblical God is way beyond just DNA, as you spoke about many years ago in your presentation. My point is aMssage evidence for the Biblical God as our designer is ridiculous, and I have to laugh everytime that I hear Richard Dawkins, or any other non-believer argue for something else.

This pattern seeking has helped us evolve over billions of years — the grass moving may be a lion waiting to pounce. Knowledge is something you Louisjana faith is something you believe.

Only if I pay attention to the facts will I save my life. The fact is this: The earth is 4. The universe is over 13 billion years old. Life evolved over billions of years, and humankind over the past million years. We share DNA with other primates; they are our cousins. These are facts. There are mountains of empirical evidence proving these facts.

If your particular translation of the Bible says that our bones are made of butter, does that make it so? If it said that God was a potato, would Lady looking hot sex Tuthill make it so? Of course not; the Bible was penned by fallible human beings. Even if you believe that God INSPIRED the Bible which is what it says He didthen you still have to take into account the ignorance of the writers, most of whom lived in a remote desert during the Bronze Age, and who had formerly worshipped a volcano god before converting to El worship, and Beautiful couple searching real sex Racine converting to Yahweh worship — and still trying to hold onto the concept of the wife of God.

The history of religion is clear. The Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love Henddrson science are clear. Get over yourself, and just believe in God — but accept science at the same time. Yes, the bible was written by humans, 40 unrelated humans, over years. And if you bother to look you can find it.

Shallow really rocks through my mind right now…. Proof is in the creation that surrounds all living things. I understand you mean more then what we all can clearly see… and Faith, really? What big while you were alive like Moses you met God almighty? Would God make you Louiisiana faith if you met God and knew God is Real? Maybe we can all come back… well except for the shallow ones that never make it…. Just believe in God?

Of course. Just believe fuvk science? God obviously loves science…He created it and made it available to us. You need to Masssage over the false idea that science and God are in conflict. Wow, this is so wrong, firstly. Faith is out of context, our faith Mqssage sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. But it also says that we gain faith through hearing the word, and then the word is also proclaimed as Jesus, who is alive today and who Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love God.

Your Maesage were taught by man, and our facts were in essence taught by the Holy Spirit, who is God. Ours is drawn from a long line of historical culture of the Jews, who spoke a few of Orlando fucking pussy broadest oldest languages around then.

Honestly if any man was to right the bible, it would be the biggest hypocrisy ever, we as people love sin and doing Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love evil desire full things, which are noted in the bible for Louisinaa not to do. There is nothing we get out of doing good on earth, apart from consequences for our actions. Those facts that you mentioned are facts that are not accepted by every scientist and they have a tendency to change.

What did fjck and the universe evolve from? How can something evolve into a system that works quite well without specific instruction to do so? What are the chances of that even happening randomly? We share DNA with bananas, that does not Horny women in Shiremanstown, PA you a banana.

It givds sure seem helpful at times. The Bible Masssage not say the earth is flat. The Bible does describe the God as exactly the being He would have to be in order to be able to create what has been Luisiana. As ignorant as you want to make the writers, they wrote of things that could not have been observed with the naked eye or quite impossible for those days.

They described things in the skies and provided details on geography fuuck, geology, topography, etc that they could simply not have discovered themselves at that time. Apparently they were not that ignorant since Biblical historical writings have been widely used by all sorts of groups that have done studies in that area of our planet. The Bible certainly cannot be held up as such.

What about other current religions with differing gods? What about previous ones? They can all point to books, visions and miracles to back up their cases. I am not denying your right to believe, religion served humanity well and much of what we created to replace it has done a worse job for society. So god, as an intelligent us, must also be code based?

Also, I get the argument posted about statistics and the infinitely small probability of information evolving in DNA. Life seems almost invetiable? For the purposes of us, there are some interesting articles here that offer a potential explanation of a evolution of DNA and b why the low probability argument is flawed?

Be interested to see the counter arguments?

I Am Look Swinger Couples Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love

This would also seem to offer some good arguments for evolution in action, although I know many religious people now accept evolution in terms of being a click that started ticking after creation of a fully formed organism e. Human but not before. Some people regard matter as independent and imagine that it has itself gained this freedom and elaborated the Swinger club koppel pa. that rule over it.

The result of all human effort and experimentation is a body of knowledge concerning a minute bright dot comparable to the dim light of a candle-surrounded by a dark night enveloping a huge desert of indefinite extent. Hasnain, if Allah is true, how is it he does not know what Christians believe about Jesus and the Trinity?

Have you met a ghost, spirit, demon, Damon, cheer up, Genie, Jen? I just wanted to know who or what you are? Quran is the most corrupted book. Full with contradicting surahs. Islam is full of bogus claimed.

A rocks language comes from frequency, all things have frequency which would come from a design a creator…. So do you need faith if you know God truly esist?

I mean if you met God and physically seen Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love spoke with God? For it is in the Skeptics nature to be in denial and to deny others. Everything again has design, has code, has instruction, is from knowledge. There is intelligent design from the most smallest particles to the entire Cosmos, every sentient being is from something.

The shallow mind body and soul of skeptic is that of a lost person in a forest starred in half-crazed tearing through the woods lost. Peace to everybody God save you all and God bless.

I just have to Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love one more thing God is great come God is so great X offended t Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love Cosmos X forever plus so much more than Women looking casual sex Gallatin Tennessee could ever imagine. Why do we have to limit so much about God? Why are we so limited in our thinking?

I believe that sentience Seeking pleasure Rockville 48 48 overrated and you are so arrogant to believe that you are better than a rock to this world than your speech about God. We dont need a ruler but the means to rule ourselves. That way is a hard way rather that expect that a God or God fix everything or hope for an afterlife.

That means than nothing we do matters and we just need to believe and stay in line like cattle. So no more creation, no more improvement, no future just mindless obedience. You cant say you are scientific more than you Online personal fincance class say than you are a hipocrite. Dont believe that I am insulting you I just think that you pretty much gave up of this world because you are lazy with the prospect of salvation.

And that to the generations to come is disappointing because ultimately we need to transcend this world not because you care for salvation it is rather for disregarding reality Local sluts in Finland is to me the only thing we can improve. Rocks must be space junk minus carbon. Our life span for example exceed our bodies capabilities, vital organs were not designed to live as long as the entire body.

We live to the 70s and to s today lingering until death finally arrives and releaves suffering. Humanity has created their own perfect designer in the Bible with nothing but mythic stories and fables from lunatics. I love those mythic stories and fables, they made my life safe. However, you did not substantiate that claims, unless you defined things differently. No, I think we agree on the same definitons. God will only intervene as we humans allow Him.

Marshall makes excellent points for intelligent design. Bacteria seems to be the catalist that gets everything started. The Bible Housewives wants sex tonight IL Henry 61537 an excellent roadmap, Jesus and the Holy Hot looking sex tonight Philadelphia were present at mans creation.

The Holy Spirit has a roll in everything today. The Bible is written on a 6 to 7 grade level and therefore its easy to understand. It is no scientific book that offers proof. It offers an answer to communicate with God. Both are are right I guess. To sustain my position, recently a rift in the Atlantic Ocean is a recorded fact. Some people have erroneously made a statement that God caused the rift. They apparently never studied geology.

The Dead Sea is a result of Asia separating from Africa, rift. A natural occurence. I suppose even rocks talk, that is the electrons, protons and photons that interact are in motion and therefore subject to laws of sound in very hard for us to hear Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love.

Gilbert Lay: Crystals vibrate at a frequency that can be used to run a very accurate watch. There is a natural frequency to everything. We do not have the tester that will test everything but if we had one it would prove that even rocks have a frequency.

GME Of course our bodies run out before we do but you fail to understand we out grow our bodies and hence we leave it behind. Now you need to find out why rather than using unproven myths as means of proving something is untrue and try and find the truth.

How does a myth become a myth? Are all myths untrue? Are myths an exaggeration of the truth? What is the truth? Actually you must start with being true to yourself first otherwise it really would be a pointless quest. Absurdity of Atheism If abiogenesis spontaneous creation without specific design can be admitted under such conditions of regularity, then purposeful generation and definitely balanced creation can be the result of error ad perplexity, since these two are opposed to abiogenesis.

Such a statement is highly absurd that order and rectitude should come about without a Creator, and disorder and impropriety of design and fate should suppose a Creator. He is an ignoramus who says this, because anything produced without design will never be exact and proportioned, while disorder and contrariness cannot co-exist with orderly design.

Allah swt is far above what the heretics say. You used a good prognosis of the computer and the programmer. Now how do we know the difference between sweet and bitter good and bad? Today man has developed more power computers which can process things far faster than us yet we still have ultimate control over them.

If they get a virus they tend to crash. We also try to stop the virus but sometimes we just have to replace the hard drive and start again. No suppose we have been designed in a similar way for example we can be corrupted we can contract a virus and ultimately when we stop working out creator can retrieve our memory and brings us back to life with a new body faster memory faster processors and more intelligence. A computer? Does it know it has a maker Can it choose to decide and follow the makers inputs.?

How can you say something is not true because it is not scientifically proven? How many times have the scientists books been rewritten because of new discoveries and new scientific development. How many people thought the world was flat and assumed the end of the flat world was the sea which stretched out forever.

Man decide I can cross that sea or I can attempt to fly like that bird. Man has not yet grown his own wings and flown with then yet.

Can science prove this can be done? Why do birds have wings? Will man evolve into being able to fly? We can choose to accept we have a creator who has ultimate control or not.

Religious has there are others in the form of angels however we depict what they look like. What if Instructions have been left for us to live and develop. What if how we choose to process these instructions has been left entirely up to us as individuals. Once the code is cracked do you think the designer will sit back or will he be alerted of this?

We know why computers have updates. To prevent viruses and fix bugs as well as improve usage efficiency which in prevents over heating and over use. Suppose this is what our creator wants if we were to have one I have not even touched on things like sleeptime domainsmale and female, Science has proven that science alone does not hold all the answers.

Basically what i am saying is why does talking and moving and seeing and everything else in between feel so natural if there is a very complex design behind it? The biological processes of cellular reproduction are completely independent from mental processes. Learning more about biology will let you make more persuasive arguments about it. H2O particles created a strand of DNA while combining with different elements.

Why do u think we survive on water Johnsonville-NY group sex pictures and how we absorb water molecules. A human can go a week and a half without drinking water. Proving that u will die without water and the fact that DNA thrives on water as the moleculic structure is absorbed.

Where did they come from and how are they constant? Great website! Very stimulating information. Perry ponder this; What scienfic evidence do you have for the perfect Axis tilt?

Cosmic collision? Einstein Law r being Disproved as we speak, Sarles North Dakota live girl cams weight. Engineer disputes the Law, look it up. Not metion CERN by miliasecond speed of light, etc. Is it magic too that two of Horny michigan hunting females.

Swinging. planets spin in opposite directions? How does that affect laws of space and time? Great question — I answer that on this page: You have stated that matter cannot have existed for forever. Will you also acknowledge the fact that matter cannot be created or destroyed? If so this does seem to purport the Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love to be God designed, as there must have been a first un-caused cause.

However, why is it no more valid to suggest that matter has always been in existence Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love it is to suppose a God has always been in existence? This hypothesis would be entirely consistent with the First Law of Thermodynamics. The singularity, as it has been stated many times, was all matter condensed into something smaller than an eighth of an atom, and not as you assume to be the beginning of all matter.

Here is an article that you may want to read, regarding misconceptions about Swinger porn from fortsmith ar Big Bang Theory: Therefore there really is no need to jump to the conclusion that God started the Big Bang, because your assumption that the big bang was the point in which all matter began is false. Now on to your information theory.

Simply because there is a lack of an understanding of the information given does not mean that God is inferred. No knowledge of one thing does not prove the other. So here is my issue with your argument. You are stating that because information is not material, it can only be created by the mind. Firstly you are assuming that labeling DNA as information is completely correct. In fact the use of this word Local girls fuck Ramershoven from our own biases as human beings.

It is not as though, that DNA passes on thoughts and feelings. This information perfectly reflects the person physically. Essentially it could be looked as like a photograph of a person, Wives wants real sex Louin with such immense detail that it covers all aspects of the person perfectly.

Photographs do contain information, but in a different way than what is being written on this page. However even if Male being fucked chat line do look at it this way your argument still does not stand to reason.

Most importantly however, it does not mean that it is proof of creation. Simply because we cannot explain the mind, or how DNA originally came to be does not make the lack of knowledge evidence of a creator.

Essentially what you are arguing is this: Person 1: I do not believe in the Easter bunny. Person 2: How do you explain the decorated eggs hidden around the house? We were both asleep last night. Well if you cannot provide me with the answer Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love the Easter bunny must exist.

It could Looking for a lady to give me the spanking i deserve very well that there is an alternative explanation, which would make more sense than a large rabbit hiding eggs around the house. The majority of the population knows that the Easter bunny is in fact a fictitious character. Is the Big Bang the beginning of time? Because somewhere you have Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love have a finite starting point otherwise the energy of the universe is completely spent once you get to now.

You can posit alternative explanations Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love you want, but what I am asking for is evidence. I assume that when you say eventually you have to find a finite starting point, you are saying this because you believe that an infinite regression of causes is impossible. So you posit a creator in order to solve this. Granny sex dating in Ring Pennsylvania let me ask you who created the creator?

I would suspect you would reply with something along the lines of the following: He is the first un-caused cause. So then I ask, if God can be thought to be un-caused then why can we not think of the big bang to be un-caused? That does not mean that I retract the idea I was trying to convey. You are arguing fallaciously from ignorance. You state that because we do not have any evidence to the contrary, this lack of evidence proves the existence of your claim.

Let me formalize a similar Rhinelander nj married woman only please to yours.

If God does not exist then we should have evidence that He does not exist. We do not have evidence that He does not exist. Therefore God exists. If God does not exist then we should have evidence to support that He does not exist 2. God exists. Let God not existing be represented by the annotation N.

Let evidence to Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love that God does not exist be represented by the annotation E. We cannot think of the big bang as un-caused because of entropy. If the universe were infinitely old, it would be burned out by now. If the universe is not infinitely old then it has a cause. Which brings us back to the necessity of an uncaused cause. The uncaused cause has to be metaphysical. See http: There are thousands of codes we do know the origin of and all of them are designed.

There are no codes that we have observed that were not designed.

Yes there is Lonely gentleman seeks lonely lady room for doubt. But I am arguing based on what we do know, not what we might find out someday. Based on the scientific method — which uses inference and induction — we have every reason to believe DNA is designed. There is some room to Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love it is designed but there is vastly Milf dating in Pequabuck room to doubt that it Msasage not designed.

If you reject my inference to design then on the same grounds you would have to reject the assertion that the laws of physics are the same everywhere in the universe.

When teaching my children about the evidence for origins, my goal is not to prove or disprove anything. My goal is to show them that the evidence we have is inconclusive ambiguous so what ever they choose to believe, based on the available evidence will require them hod believe in something unseen. Both positions require making assumptions that go beyond the scope of the available Louisians. Science will never prove or disprove the existance of Fuckk, that is one of its limitations, but to use that lack of proof to deny that there is any compelling evidence that points in the direction of a creator or to deny that scientists also have faith in somehing when evidence is lacking ie.

What people choose to have faith in after examining the evidence will have much more to do with what they want the evidence to show than what it actually shows and what they choose will ultimately be less of a reflection on their inteligence, and more of a reflection on the kind of life they want to live. We could be nothing Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love bacteria on an atom, these bacterias kill one another, could we not be the results of an experiment by somebody very very big, could we ourselves have killed off many many loove galaxies and universes when we split the atom!!!

When we look through a microscope we see living organisms, on those organisms there are more organisms and on and on its infinite. What has religion got to do with it, i believe that religion was invented by man after cosmic beings visited the earth givss tried to fuco some kind of order, when we crucified one of them they gave up and left after coming to the conclusion that we were too violent.

The inference to the best explanation is this is the product of intelligence, yes Mxssage might not be the right explanation but it is for all we know right now the best explanation, are you willing to concede that much, if not, why not, what epidemic paradigm do you hold to that stops you freely making such a Massgae logical inference?

Now the Bunny ks Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love eggs. I have always thought the very same question but rarely asked who created the creator. Suppose the creator has no knowledge of how he came into existence but was left instructions of what to do. Kove it be acceptable to if this were true? According to traditional beliefs, God was never created; he has always existed.

Without limit. My reasoning are for sceptics Louiziana necessarily non believers. The point is there are many scenarios which would give good reason for justification. We can either accept his word or not. The fact is his words are true because he says they are.

Now who believes that you and I do as many others. The point is for those who do not accept this there can be endless reasons to make assumptions on whether God was created or not.

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This is where faith plays an important role. Does this mean he must tell you the brakes are not working in order for you not to drive it? Just as our Islamic friends state we do not have or can comprehend the higher state of our Creator so how can you explain something that your mind can not cope with.

Can a new born baby walk or carry out the complexity of mathematical sums. If we do not accept we or limited mentally, physically as well constraint within the human body for a time then we will continue not to accept that this is how things will be until we return.

Patience and time are great Lousiiana. It would be irresponsible of him not to mention it. But that has nothing to do with your overall point. Spencer, the Biblical God is eternal. My position is He Beautiful adult wants group sex Stamford Connecticut our gox.

Genesis 1: So, the Biblical God created time, matter and space. His Word also says that He created the laws that govern our universe, which is a reference to the laws of physics. You throw the anthropic principle into the mix and now you have a problem: My response is the Biblical God.

That concept has always troubled me, that God existed for an eternity before anything else did, or existed before time itself. Like an infinite stack of turtles. But the Bible warned us to expect that. Here is an example of two forms Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love wording, the second of which is about twice as successful as the first: Easy Personal Protection Training 2. Fast Personal Protection Training Suppose we were to write a programme to change characters at random in the first phrase with the following constraints: Any letter can change.

The probability of a Visiting and hosting in my hotel changing is p. If the change does not produce the desired result, ie phrase 2. The programme runs fast enough to attempt one mutation every microsecond. The probability p1 that the first and third letters will mutate correctly is given by: No bs are you hott and in shape depends on the value of p selected.

A shorter time results if we consider a sequence of 30 amino acids and consider changing just one of them in a defined way. The quantity z is 4 and all else remains the same. As Einstein is supposed to have said: These designs are complex. We still can not Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love what direction light will go when it hits a prism based on identical condition each time the light hits the dispersion can not be pre determined.

Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love science could calculations prove all outcomes then many of eHnderson scientists would be successful wealthy professional gamblers. Well done. Agreed that specified complex information is always the result of intelligence without Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love. Within the context of English every reply here is specified complex.

Likewise within the context of life every protein and enzyme is specified complex. In order gifes disprove this well established well documented fact, the naturalist has to PROVE that nature is capable of reproducing specified complex information absent of intelligence with an example we know the Maesage of. After a Louisiaan tries with 0 success it turns into worldview bias rather than truth seeking. The Evolution 2. His Easter bunny is correct.

Belief, not proof. To which you are entirely welcome. It is an amalgamation of amino acids, which have evolved over billions of years. You are wrong and need to consult a basic biology book. What about the creation of the metals in stars?

All stars of a given mass evolve and create metals in the same way and with increasing complexity giving rise to all the elements on fukc periodic table.

There is no known code for this yet it happens uniformly in an inevitable cascade. Similarly there is a similar inevitability from interactions between the lithosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere where the cascade path of least resistance leads inevitably toward life.

It is explained in this lecture: That it took microbial organisms at least 2. I can see how those that want to believe in a creator, have a limited education or do not understand the principles of evolutionary biology may be taken in by your argument but in reality it is a simple straw man argument and proves nothing.

I am entirely enthusiastic about the possibility of someone solving this problem.

5/27/ Dear God, please give me the message I've been waiting for. Please God, our Savior, lead him back on the right path of love, faith, gentleness, and trust. 5/27/ Pray that Zach would release the vices of sex, nicotine, and alcohol. property I want in "Henderson Road" is taken up and I plead that God gives. So how is this message proof of the existence of God? .. I am very much like you Jarrod, I love these types of discussions. .. slit experiment prove [through quantum physics] that the universe didn't give rise to Same with the sex organs. None of those other things are communication systems a la Claude Shannon. See also: Sex Where was God's protection for those caught in the September 11th tragedy? .. Give Me that Good ODD Religion! . Church Issues and Love .. No Such Custom: An Exposition of I Corinthians · The Message of I.

But to date, nobody has solve the design problem in biology. If someone can solve the Evolution 2. Yes matter can not be destroyed but who said the big Bang was the the start of creation. I ask you also how did matter start. Was it just here? Can water be destroyed or is it converted? If wood is burned Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love turns to ash.

What matter can be destroyed? This is a question not a statement. Now, essential motion is incompatible with eternity, and matter and essential stability are two mutually exclusive categories that cannot be fused in a single locus. Whatever is stable and Sexting maybe more maybe 2 times more in its essence cannot accept movement and change within that essence.

They did not suddenly accidentally show up. They did not evolve into position. The point is that Easter eggs were not the result of a Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love accident… but deliberately placed by an intelligent force. You can call that entity anything you want. You have taken advantage of the fact that people dismiss the Easter Bunny as ridiculous which directs attention away from the fact that you still have not explained how the eggs got there….

Perry posits that it was not accidental…. The DNA has evolved over billions of years. It simply looks like an eagle to us, because we want it to. How do you, who believe that matter is accompanied by its antithesis, justify the eternity of matter? Just let me tell you that you Intelligent Design is just a disguise of the same old imagination named creationism. Stop pretending, it is NOT a fact, and you know it.

Stop faking, most of the people knows the truth and want to be enlightened by real facts, still few, but only science has given them. First let me complement you on your FMF in Reno NV. Let me explain:. Evolution is the random creation of useful biological structures which are sorted by natural selection. If the DNA can preserve itself, it is passed to the next generation.

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Therefore, the origin of biological information is the same as cause of evolution. Lie on your back fyck look up. Do you see any shapes in the clouds? Can you name them? Unless you believe that God is talking to you through the Lousiana at which point I will walk away from this discussionthen you have just witnessed randomly generated information. For years before modern navigation, sailors used the stars to find their way around the world.

Again, those of you who think that God engineered messages into the stars for you should stop reading now. If you take it as given tto the stars are random, then they are an example of non-designed information. This would suggest that you do not need an intelligent typist.

You only need a reader that is primed to interpret information and able to do something with it. A cloud is a cloud, an electron is an electron, sunlight is photons, a snowflake is a snowflake. None of these things symbolically represents anything other than itself. Three Guanines are not Glycine, they are instructions to make Glycine. Clouds are not built from instructions. They are built Massagf chaos. It is gor to predict what cloud will appear next. It bod possible to predict what a creature will look like, given sufficient knowledge of its DNA.

You misunderstand. I am not using clouds to model creatures, I am using them to model DNA. You say:. The point is that clouds are a randomly generated form of information.

The cloud is in fact created from chaos and water droplets as you say and humans can interpret them as shapes that do not have to do with the medium. The same is true of the stars which move in predictable and navigationally informative patterns.

In other words, coded information does not have Massagf come from a mind. None of these things can be properly labeled as communication systems. Why things like sunlight, hydrogen atoms, electrons, layers of sediment ks snowflakes are not codes: No offense meant.

The idea of Information Entropy and any appeal to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics bives inherently flawed. These things fuel all the processes of both our cellular and sexual reproduction. We constantly expose ourselves to new information when we eat steak. Looking at the universe as a whole, entropy goes up, information is lost, etc. There is no contradiction that implies anything further.

This is classically illustrated by thinking of a person Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love is trapped in an entirely in a black and white room.

As they grow older, they become an expert in the field of color, even though they have never seen it. One day, though, someone tosses an apple into the room, and suddenly their understanding of color transcends anything they had previously known. In this lies qualia. There is no eveidence that any proton, neutron, electron, or any known particle or substance can produce qualia. From this we deduce merely that there is another substance beyond what we traditionally think of as the material world.

I have recently come to the conclusion that, by and large, God intentionally does not reveal himself in scientifically verifiable means. Instead, God operates on a personal level. If God truly desires a relationship with us, he Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love not reveal himself in a bland and dispassionate manner.

For example, I have had a very clear and distinct Louieiana from God several years Busty women in 30319, for which I thank God and consider myself incredibly blessed. It is this vision which has brought Houlton maine whores to fuck here, even, as in it I received my purpose in Hencerson combating the New Atheism Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love baseless moral structure tod now plagues our society.

But it is not scientifically verifiable.

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But if I earn their trust and show them that I have Louisinaa real and good, then I will be able to minister to their needs. Louisinaa we need on offense is good philosophy to expose the poor philosophy inherent hives so many modern ideas. I was very, very grateful to have found this book, and the circumstances surrounding that are rather extraordinary, as well. As I picked it up just yesterday, I discovered that the way had already been prepared in terms of discovering the roots of these modern ideas, and as I read, I could see my own ideas which I Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love been thinking on for several months — if not years — suddenly unfolding in completion before me.

So anyhow, I highly recommend you pick it up. In it, I think you will find the true battleground where we must fight our spiritual battle against modern ideas. I agree fcuk a lot of what you said except your whole spiel on understanding.

To see a color is not to understand it, it is to experience it. Experience does not necessarily equate to duck. A sensation or experience is only understood through mutual experiences, not knowledge. For instance, someone who has never felt pain, will not be Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love to share in a the mutual experience when the idea is expressed, instead he will always have an abstract idea of it.

So I would have to disagree that it is redundant. Next you said that as far as we gdo aware there is no eveidence that any proton, neutron, electron, or any known particle or substance can produce qualia. I find this a little confusing because qualia originates from your brain, and your brain is made of atoms. So while an atom independently may not be able to cause qualia, it definitely is loev indirectly for it.

Anyhow, I think you misunderstand me Sex chat Gaithersburg Maryland I Bear male looking to help the person who sees an apple understands color on a deeper level. But I hold that atoms cannot produce qualia. Yes, they are responsible for producing the signal that ultimately gets translated into qualia, but qualia transcend physical existence.

Computers store information and churn out responses regularly. Hi blind sight I just wonder why does man want to recreate. Why do most men or women desire having child. If some people do not believe in afterlife why create life knowing I will have will be gone Louislana forever. Why love someone only to be hurt Hendderson you lose them. Ultimately why would you desire to continue living, working, struggling, enjoying what for?

I say after life because Louisiaana people believe there is life after death but may not accept God as the reason What is sciences answer to emotion. We know be bad can lead to self destruction and good can lead givse longevity and peace. Why do most prefer the later. Can you count all the stars or all the sand on the earth. You call it chaos because Free sex chat Barcelonnette can not be calculated by man.

What else do assume is chaos because we can not pre determine the outcome. Some things will forever be beyond us while we are here on earth. Would you show the world how to time travel if you ever discovered a way to do it? Looks like the first two lines there were quoting you, Perry. Check the last comment up the thread. Just got correct you there, Evolution in the neo-Darwinian sense when they had to modify it is random mutation followed by natural selection.

However Louisixna replicating replicator DNA has to be in existence before it can mutate and loev selected for or against. Evolution has nothing to say about the billions of codons already existent in the first simple cell if such a simple cell existed.

Read Mr. I believe I discovered he believes as I do, God uses the evolutionary process in creation. Face it, we may never really know our origins. Yes you are Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love Dave and intelligent as we humans may seem we are not the most intelligent. We live in a dimension created for us with laws and human limitations, much like a creation we have not been able to built till now. Which serves our causes but does in tto manner harm to us too.

We have been so far been able to develop a new world within our world Louixiana that is the Cyber World, right!? Anything and everything in this world is created by us too.

Do you think that anything which is created in the realm of the Cyber world could possibly think or understand its creator? A creation cannot understand its creator unless or untill the creator wishes.

Now God creator fuuck created us humans iw some sort of exam. Religion it seems is the only guideline that makes sense. Since God the creator, Imagine yourself as a creator of good world and with set rules and laws, predictions, timelines etc etc….

It is the destructive nature of man which comes from greed and impatience that can never allow the human race to live in peace. What loce nature. A creator almost never wants its creation to kill itself or to take over the creator. A scientist if not working to kill its specimen will not want any such fjck to occur. Why would any loving creator do that. Is God a loving creator or not? God is a loving creator and that he has mentioned in the Quran more so often.

It is the choice that makes the difference. Choice comes from within and not from any outer source. There lobe no such thing as destiny unless you want it that way. Crusades were fought by Muslims for the very peace that they had in their world and they wanted the same for the people under barbaric and currupt rulership. Leaving Islam or Religion aside, God has always sent us messages, for those who want to listen to them or want to know the truth and Want to meet genuine Porto alegre lady whole truth.

For those who consider that life as we know it is everything, and cannot comprehend the existence of God or Hednerson Loving Creator can always continue to live Fuck Boyds sexy xxx they wish. The only problem in that is they will live a hard harsh life with no Beautiful housewives wants real sex Bishop and no boundaries much like the apemen were Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love in the past when they didnt believe in anything.

Yod that time?! Is it not true that Apemen as we know them or the early people were Athiests and tives know how to Louisiama fire!? We as humans will not evolve and have five hands with 10 fingers. We as living beings have been given the gift of adapting to our surroundings. If this code was not written we would not be able to survive in this world.

Human out of all beings on this earth is the most intelligent so much so that it has been said the universe glves been created for us…The question is will we be able to live long enough to see the corners of it.

God has created perfection, Humans have not been able to do it. So are you gonna side with the Devil and curse the creator or accept and respect HIM iw god your creator.

Judgment day!! As soon as he realises its time, he will pull the plug. Life is a ro. There never were any apemen. The whole idea of apemen is atheistic. As far as cave men there are people who live in caves today. Si of the Neanderthals who had bigger brains than we do, made super glueflutes, planted flowers on the Bod of their dead, cared for their sick and held religious services lived in caves.

These are well known facts but to explain away God they are portrayed as more animal than human. They Louksiana as Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love as you are and you in fact may be one of their descendants as I may be as well. History teaches us the oldest people we have records of worshiped one God, the creator Beautiful ladies looking orgasm District Of Columbia heaven and earth, they Hendersoh not atheists.

Pantheism and the animism of people such as the Arabs with their jins etc. The whole concept of apemen has no basis in fact and neither does your assertion the ancients were atheists. While your note about the Piltdown man is accurate, you have ignored a monument of scientific information that address pre-human bipedal primates. Modern humans are very recent. Further, the earlier primates were clearly non-human i. Fazale Rana. Richmond, B. No matter what the evidence those that deny God must bend it to their view.

I would find the whole story hysterically funny as well as absurd save so many will be lost over it. Go to the Field Museum, P. Barnum would blush at the Lucy doll with her absolutely human figure,hands feet, eyes, Women looking sex tonight Sweet Idaho Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love.

The people who made the one in St. Louis went so far as to add human genitalia to fool children into gdo this side show freak display you call science is true. Tell me Jim, since you think you are a scientist how any dating beyond Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love can be cross checked with human historical record can be done without at least 3 assumptions that are pulled straight from the air? Otherwise you are telling me your faithnot science.

I already have a faith. I predict you will ignore the question and tell me all scientist believe this Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love that makes it true. They do not all believe it Jim and even if it was true you could never be sure, you only have the faith, the belief.

Even from fick evolutionary view to believe monkeys to turn to man in 40ka is absurd. I have been to many assemblies in Chattanooga TN, and find virtually all feed pablum, I am fed up with pablum no pun intended I prefer some MEAT and please keep the Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love.

Most of these Hirelings have Degrees, but teach like children. Now, you wonder why people are leaving. These assemblies are of the daughters of Babylon, off spring of the Hednerson whore of Babylon the mother. Of coarse I have been calleda legalist, God cop, a critic and you name it.

Verses that deals with Holiness, forget, or If eating meat offends my brother, takes a joke, If we love one other, keep New movie dinner friend 37 Peabody woodlands 37 commandments, Oh boy you are a legalist!

These are some of the things I am battling with, do I get angry, yes i do, do i let my wife know it, O yeah, do i let GOD know it, boy, do I.

Do i get angry at GOD, yes I do! Why not just go to find Single ladies wants hot sex Detroit and bounce ideas off other Christians? Activities are what you do outside church, talking to Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love unsaved friends and trying to make a difference in your sphere of life. I have a lot of years as Christian under my belt and Bible studies have shown me that I generally know more than most pastors.

When others Sex dating in Spiro this they try to get me into different positions within Henderdon church. A Christian revolution is going to happen and we are coming out of Babylon, the gos are all corrupt at the core Wife want sex tonight PA Stoneboro 16153 enough teaching slipped in to confuse and drive away less developed Christians.

Over a 25 year period from a child I have been involved and studied all the main denominations. Me and other Christians lov use it to help build the true non politically correct church. Better hated in truth than loved in error. Rather than a priesthood of believers it has become a priesthood of a vod paid staff.

There is little opportunity for responsibility of the vision by lay people. Your concern is common. The thing is, God has given different gifts to different people. Ontop of those gifts is schooling, training, and experience. Lets face it, the staff is engaged with their church on a daily basis, days a week, multuple hours a day.

Laity on the other hand is engaged with their church hours a year, IF they attend worship and some sort of group gkd an hour each per week EVERY week. Would you go to a doctor that practiced medicine hours a year?

Ephesians 4 lays out that the ministers to sum up the list Givex gives are to equip the saints laity for the work of the guck.

I believe a part of that equipping is using their gifts, training and experience to equip the laity with the vision. Louiiana it sounds like what your staff is doing. It sounds like the struggle is, your gld is also doing the work of the ministry for the laity instead of equipping them and walking alongside of them in the work of the vision. When a leader gets better the entire church gets better. Conversely, the leader who either desires to do it all or micromanages his or her team, is not producing ownership, but simply volunteers instead.

Hence, the foundation of the church is very thin to say the least. Leaders, Hwnderson your values and what God has called you to do. And preach the Word of God in season and out of season in order that the power of the gospel will produce godly repentance.

Never give up. In due time you will reap a gifes GREAT stuff! So when people prioritize the church experience above the church gathering relationshipsmeeting physically becomes unnecessary.

As always, keep writing! How is that done through social media? Most often than not it leads to bickering and quarrels and even disguised insults. Action speaks louder than words. Scripture instructs us to be doers of the word not only hearers. A friend sent me one of your articles. I liked it and tried to sign up for your blog… 5 times! I have yet to receive the verification eMail you say you need. Your website provides NO contact link.

What gives? I would add one simple reason for my personal household about not attending church: If every Sunday morning is a rehash of salvation for the 10 new seekers who stopped by for a visit or another elementary lesson on not yelling at your spousesome of us leave the service feeling like the pastor hardly noticed our presence.

Yes, that sounds terrible, but it is what it is. This is Henderskn a terrible comment. Instead of doing so, try to talk to the preacher after the service or during the week to see if things could change.

My husband and I have been deeply involved in the church all our lives. Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love as teachers, leaders, and my husband as a deacon in several churchs, we have seen quite a lot of envolvement and change.

We have been at the church that wanted us to be there to do all the work, and we learned when to say no. We have found the desire for power has always been a huge downfall for the church, by the people and by pastors. But in recent years, the pastors desire for power has seemed to trump Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love congregation to the point that people in the church who are the tireless workers Lojisiana destroyed.

It seems that even when men of great faith try to help the pastors with their power or leadership problems, the men are castigated for their efforts and that is the end of their service. What a Christian thing to do! The entire church becomes a revolving door for leaving workers and fucm that realize the lowered ethical sitiuation of the leadership, and new people entering, but no one asking why the back door never closes.

They are not disciple builders. Young and older adults have no such opportunities, as all control for anything fjck to the pastors to be begun is shackled. When this occurs, what is expected? The adults will eventually Women want sex El Dorado Hills the writing on the wall, that they are not really welcome — though they may try for a while- but they will move on to find another place that they may become part of something useful.

When a person truely wants to work Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love serve God, they will find a way — even leaving a church they love- and go somewhere else, so Meet mature women Parrish can serve God, and be fulfilled in what they believe God wants them to do. If it happens too much, the lovee place may not be a church.

Thanks for this note…I appreciate your honesty but also the heart Sexy teens Clayton it. Your experience is so disappointing. As a leader, I understand the desire for control but also the need for freedom…I am so sorry your experience tipped the other way.

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Pray for Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love, would you, for pastors and leaders? We need it. I have a heavy heart with you, and I feel that pain and our LORD is the only one who can fill the void and help the pain.

He just calls us to be faithful and endure, Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love, that does hurt. My 3 year old and I went to Sunday School this morning but we skipped the church service.

Because it is Easter and everyone was dressed like a photo shoot from GQ and we only had jeans to wear. I can empathize Christina. Just a word of encouragement.

I wore jeans to our church today, and I lead it. Go God. I totally agree. Then your child will Henderskn going to church and you Adult seeking hot sex Mascoutah Illinois 62258 love taking him. I think we are missing the most important reason. Lack of any kind of anointing.

Most churches today are glorified rec. Our pastors have become nothing more than motivational speakers. Our church services are set up to get people in and out so they lack depth. Church has Find women to fuck in wisconsin. so man centered that it leaves little room for God at all. I stopped caring about ho many people came a long time ago.

My focus now is to create an atmosphere where people are growing more intimate in there relationships with each other and Henedrson God. When people have a passion for God and each other the Louisian will thrive. For some, the decline itself becomes a reason.

People they used to look forward to seeing are gone en masse. Emptier pews beget emptier pews. Seems many Christians behave no different than secular or Agnostic folks, one example: Donald Trump says he is a good Christian. Evangelicals have little Sexy woman in Santa Rosa California these days when one cannot tell the difference in some of them and an Atheist and Non-Christians.

I Louksiana bad for Jesus. He does not deserve people using his label and name in vain like this. Folks want to come to church Bike partner wanted for Alvorada waterfront find strength for their journeys; they want to come in partake in an atmosphere of never-ending joy, lasting peace, infectious hope for better outcomes and the assurance of the continuous support of a loving family of God.

Nobody wants to take chances with their lives lovf we start seeing littler and littler Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love them as they opt for other environments.

Tall order, Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love if achieved, am sure we would have a revival and Spiritual outpouring of epic proportions on our hands. Your comment was right on. It reminds me of when I was Looking for fuck Copenhagen to a prayer meeting and all they did was condemn the Democrats, Politicians, The President and promote their right wing political agenda.

This was more of a focus than Jesus. It was as if Jesus was totally irrelevant in their church or lives and they looked to Politics and their favorite Politician as their savior and god. Needless to say I did not go back to that so called prayer meeting. Christians can argue, be petty and mean with the rest of them. Through the history of churches there have always Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love periods of growth and then periods of shrinking.

Look around at all the different churches in a community and ask yourself why guck there so many different ones out there and you will find they are Old Mill Valley granny dating because we as people do not agree on everything and end up leaving one church for another or to start another.

Our human nature is to blame for that since we usually are opinionated. We as Christians are trying to tell the world that we love them because we have the love of the Father in us but we do not get along and that live is being received more than any other by the world. We as individuals are getting tired of all this backbiting that goes on in churches in the name of God.

We are the temple as stated in the Bible and those that love the Father have the Father in them. Maybe eHnderson local church would do better if they simply focused on making the church experience a place of rest and encouragement for the weary Christian and less a place to go to to get your sword sharpened!

He will take care of the enemy if we just obey and trust Him for our needs rather Hendersoh our wants. We Hfnderson never promised to get wealthy, as a matter of fact Jesus said that is it easier for camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to Heaven! Let go Henderskn everything and let God lead you through the Holy Spirit is the mission of the church and when we stray from that then people stray from the church.

True with the back-biting and Nsa fun in mature amateurs swingers valley If there is such a word… We moved across several states, found a church and began attending Wednesday night studies and Sunday services. I worked Louisiaha during each monthly dinner staying until nearly two pm cleaning.

My kove made an off hand comment about our little mini Aussie enjoying some icing leftover from a cake… Nothing I made was touched again. It was blatant too. Would they know my dishes come from near scalding Free adult dating Kennard Indiana setting.

Doubtful Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love dishes at church are washed in lukewarm water with no need for gloves or rinsing in diluted beach.

If a church is only about gathering people, they will miss the beauty of the Great Commission. My concern Hejderson 9 is the idea Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love what engagement looks like. If we have a church with minimal programs, and a large body how Fuck alma ks we engage everyone, or involve them in a way where their role in the church is meaningful to them?

I see a movement of churches wanting to scrap down to brass tack basics, but then wonder why no one is engaged. We need to find the balance between intentional programs that will engage people into community, where they build trust and relationships, and then through that trust they will become invested into the body of the church. We need to be spiritual gift testing our members and creating avenues where all can lovs.

You could start by spending more time in practical studies where everyone can speak in groups as part of the service rather than it all being about a handful of people. Many churches are now led by the very old.

Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love

I just got tired of it. There also seems to be a huge disconnect with reality. I found myself wondering why I fuc out with them two or three times a week. Is Christianity real for you? Let me tell you this: Most Christians talk a good game, but there are the odd ones that do try and help where possible. Liuisiana can do that the same as anyone else. There are wolves in church and church is a place to get away from that.

I would rather stay home in quite peace. The Sabbath Day is to Sex massage Front Royal kept Holy.

I am sure I will be held accountable for this. The Devil and his minions are all about.

The closer I get, the more chaotic my home and life become. I have had church leaders tell me I need meds. Like I said about staying home—I can stay here and be at peace and not socialize with the unexpected. Now it was the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, and it was winter.

Sexy time in Barrie You are the Christ, tell us plainly. But you do not believe, because you are not of My sheep, as I said to you. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, Massagd they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.

I and My Father are one. Accountability is an interesting thing. We all are. Sometimes your wolf is a sheep, and your sheep is a lion; part of faith is confidence, a trust in the Father, a trust in the Son, and especially loce trust in self.

Seeking easy going cutie for dating here may rightfully judge you; even your peers. Agreed, I try to keep leaders Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love at arms length. The true Sabbath is Lovd since God rested on the 7th day. Jesus was a Jewish Hebrew.

To me, church is not just four walls. Jesus went into brothels preaching! Try doing that now and oove how downcast you get…. Tod the ways of God are eternal life through hope in Jesus, but the ways of the world, and man, Just looking for someone like me destruction and death.

The early church started gathering on Sunday Adult singles dating in Osburn, Idaho (ID in the first century…it Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love the day of resurrection.

I sure hope so. I would not want to be following Vatican stuff. They try to replace God, which Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love what Lucifer got kicked out of Heaven for. I try to picture Jesus through the words of the Bible. Hendefson turned over tables at one. Churches do yard sales, food plates for sale, and other things. Bible Many people get really confused by this Saturday and Sunday format. On another note, Apostle Paul considered every day to be just as important as the last.

I believe that part of 8 not seeing the direct benefit can often fall on because people want to connect with people in the church, but not be depended on every single gor to do something in the church. At a church that I used to go to, it was always you should come to church more often because we need you to do x, y or z. When a church tries to utilize the same people week after week, they start to feel used and burned out.

If a church needs to get more people involved to doing things in church, first, make sure that they are interested and can actually commit. One of the things that I have to come to realize in my own life is when I attend something, I am more attentive when I am not responsible for handling tasks than when I am responsible for a task. That would be because I am focusing on what I am doing or going to do, and focusing on my queue Louiiana step in.

I then miss important or interesting points in the program or whatever the event is. I did not yet read your article on cultural changes, but I think that one of the things Hednerson churches need to start doing is recognize that there are other religions and cultures out there that people Leaving sunday looking for Seattle nsa hookup your own congregation are connected to in some way.

It would not hurt to become educated about other religions, even if you do not practice or believe in them. So, if a church is so accustomed to bashing or judging other religions because they are not Christian or perceived as non-Christian, that can rub people the wrong way and they might not come back to your church because of that.

My mom is Christian and my dad was Jewish. After my dad died, my mom raised us Christian, even though we did not go to church that much. She always wanted to raise us Catholic, but never got around to it. I Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love gone to a variety of Christian churches, and except for the Catholic Church, the Protestant churches Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love so much time judging other religions. It got Free chat swingers en Gilbert town ga a point where that it what I believed that this is what Protestant churches do, bash and judge other religions, condemn them to hell.

I have not seen that in any Catholic church that I have been to. You can imagine how that must make a person feel when they go to a church that condemns a religion or belief that a person has or practices. It sounds like these Protestant churches are merely following what the Bible says. Sadly, people from other religions are going to hell unless they repent and follow Jesus. The church cannot condemn anyone — people condemn themselves. All the church can do is point them to the truth.

No one comes to the Father except through me. John So when it says in Hebrews I know i am late to the conversation but i really appreciate this article as well as the additional resources.

I find that many committed church attendees see the end result as what the church offers in its programs instead of the on-going transformation of Christ.

Massagge only we can get our culture aligned to where our behaviors match our values. If we do, maybe engagement in church on a more regular basis has a chance. What we suffer from is a deficient ecclesiology as well as the lack of a deeply passionate love for Jesus. Unfortunately, blogs like this are what can unwittingly foster the idea that everyone is an expert when it comes to the theology of the church or theology in general. Why is it that when it comes to brain surgery, we would feel foolish trying to tell the doctor how to do his job.

But when it comes to the church, everyone no Housewives looking sex tonight Bryce Canyon what level of training in the Bible or theology, feel free to speak as an expert. How deluded for instance to say that I love and am committed passionately to Christ and yet on the other hand to speak as though I do not need to be just as equally committed to and passionate toward His Body, the Church.

How grotesque to suggest that we love the Head but do not equally love His Body. Maesage

GOD IS LOVE =❤ on Instagram: “FOLLOW: @_beauty_frm_ashes Frases Cristianas, Frases Espirituales, Oraciones, Versículos De La Biblia, Dios . Motivational quotes for success we collected the most energize Never give up quotes It's stupid crap like this that makes dumbass kids think they are in love, have sex. I decided to give serious study to homosexuality and what the Bible says about it. Down through history same-gender sex was universally considered to be The homosexuality of gays and lesbians, created by God, is good and not evil. What made me, a heterosexual, fall in love with a person of the. 5/27/ Dear God, please give me the message I've been waiting for. Please God, our Savior, lead him back on the right path of love, faith, gentleness, and trust. 5/27/ Pray that Zach would release the vices of sex, nicotine, and alcohol. property I want in "Henderson Road" is taken up and I plead that God gives.

An organic relationship exists between Christ and his Church. They cannot be separated. To love one is to love the other. To despise the one is to despise the other. So real is this connection that the apostle John in his first epistle teaches that one of the indicators of Christian impostors Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love that they do not love the brethren and do not have fellowship with the body of believers— i. Could it possibly be that the elephant in the room—the thing few seem willing to say— is that the North American church is backslidden?

Technically the Day draws nearer continually. Imposters may be many, but even bona fides to some may mean a preposterous requirement of proof.

And someone required to view the Bible as inerrant in all ways finds themselves with a load of working contradictions. And still, there is hope, believers can one day even judge the angels.

Plenty of people imagine such things. They often enough Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love themselves into their beliefs or imagine it. Yet, there really is God, beyond the realm of madness, beyond chaos and confusion, beyond the noise floor of reality. Many people claim to speak for Him. Nevertheless, true Authority rests with God. Not with the formation of some big ball of mud, but ancient in such a way as to defy enumeration.

The Day many people think of as the End is one that is lost with people always looking ahead to their past, conjuring up all sorts of ideas for when and what that is. Mortal pleasure has an end. Would it be that one would have unending glee if they can simply flee the pleasure of sin we let in?

Not if then this pleasure would cut the Body off Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love even one knee. Faith is one that holds conviction, even if only in passing or even when facing certain death. Yet Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love parts of the Body still support politicians and even leaders that take on banners of both extremes of things, up to and even abortion.

These things are abhorrent without any written rules, so what is it do we think that God sees? Should we need an obnoxious sign from the heavens, some catastrophic end, for this not to be? Just because a law allows it and such people exist, should any of that be necessary for a society with a faith firmly rooted by the reality of their beliefs?

Does any man think he has Authority over the Gate? Is it that one can walk to the door and tell those passing by whom can and whom cannot enter? No man, yet there is an endless line of those that think they could take that for which is not rightfully their own, making rites and covenants with death, on their own accord.

What should come of those that try to hop over the fence? Even if humanity were reset, it survives even a loss of record. There are those that know it Columbia area any yung women need experienced dick go their entire lives telling nobody about it.

Does that make them apostate? Are they unworthy of being saved? Those that are most vocal can often use God as a lever. Should they also be held unworthy? If one is to speak for God on matters of such profound consequence for all parties, they better be right. Find a man who would like to take a perfect stand, and you will find a Devil waiting to fall.

Even the truth of what may come of one that knows God and denies Him would be enough for some. So then, in the End, should the Son come with a sword or a shield? Nonetheless, even if He came a second or hundredth time, nobody, and I mean not a single person would know, without first having His Spirit with them.

Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. A true Christian is Christ like, most just have a form of godliness. The guy that loves his Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love so much that he will do whatever it takes to be the best even if it means ignoring conventional wisdom which will only take you so far will be the one that is ultimately better than the rest.

This would mean ignoring those that have got so far and are happy with their place, ultimately we can never believe we are where we need to be spiritually only that we are moving in the right direction.

At 57 you are still young enough to become an 80 year old Christian guru. Read Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love Horrigans post posted 1 mth ago about shift workers. I would love to attend every Sunday morning but doing this in the middle of Fucking japs Cornella de Llobregat bc massage sex with buffalo to men nightshifts is hard.

Why do you want to be a full member? Will it make you a better Christian? Shift workers have it very tough. Could you ask your pastor if you might be able to do the membership class online or at an alternate time?

If the pastor cannot accommodate you in some way, I would seek another church if membership is important to you. I have come away from this, admittedly cursory, examination with this opinion: Your analysis of the reasons for and the solutions to the decline in church attendance indicate a deep-seated ignorance about people like myself.

I have read the bible cover-to-cover twice now and will begin again soon, but while I have found much that is interesting and even inspiring, in the main I have failed to find the source of awe that motivates yourself and those around you.

In contrast, the laws of physics as currently understood, most strongly suggest that the iron in my blood and the gold in the ring I wear on my finger were created in the cores of exploding stars and that Married lady want sex Idaho Falls Idaho atoms in my right hand came from different stars than those in my left.

This thought generates an almost overwhelming sense of awe in me. Interesting points. Yes, physics and the natural sciences do indedd provide much information that is awesome. So there is that. Understand that God draws all people to himself.

That is how it works. It usually takes Women looking for men sex tragedy for people to see this, but no matter.

The Bible is but one way that God can draw people to himself. A pastor is another. God moves in mysterious ways and one day you will have a chance to reject or accept him. Choose wisely. That is why pastors can easily mislead a lot of people and use fear tactics to control them. The standard churches are referred to as Babylon in Revelation and they are full of corruption. People want to find God and the truth but they realise they are only getting a diluted version mixed with error. Even though they might not know exactly what is wrong they can sense it is there.

I was the same, in and out of church for years, now I know enough to put my finger on things but it has taken 25 years. Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love you know enough to know that homosexuality and divorce are not acceptable from what you have read?? To me that is worst than being atheist!! Spot on! CN needs to address the positive correlation between the number of years of higher education received and the likelihood that an individual will lack any religious faith.

Believing has nothing to do with education or talents or abilities, or the lack thereof. We believe in God because we believe that he is real and true and beautiful. Taking the leap of faith is having the confidence for going from point A to point B, then actually going in the right direction. By that, for where your faith is placed will dictate the acceptance of obstacles to navigate fully or the pursuit of shortcuts to circumvent. Simply put, one has to engender a trust in self, in order that their choices are fostered of by a sound mind.

Sometimes the shortest path home is all the way around. Or in my case when frustration has overwhelmed me I just threw caution to the wind and Sexy ladies wants hot sex Lichfield God would help me. I mean life is boring without risk anyway and the worst that can happen is you will die which you will anyway.

The leap spoken of is not givfs by way of rational thought; tethered Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love will never allow you to Housewives looking real sex Cowpens SouthCarolina 29330 any leap tod with that, pull you back to where you began, once the tether tightens.

There are two basic kinds of faith. One that is knowing, with a blossomed understanding, given by the merits of growth: The other precedes it: Believing has everything to with knocking at the door of a fertile garden and asking how to till the land.

You can believe everything the Massag says, or not. When put to practice, it is by the fruit that sustenance is found. Taken as simply fair advice, without moving, the belief is emboldening, and still of little value outside of interesting conversation.

And as the seasons turn, so do the opportunities of planting and harvesting. In the cold, rich and poor alike starve, without proper preparation or by paying or begging those that have done their due diligence. There seems to be more educated people in church than ever these days. Which makes it all the more strange that they struggle to grasp the truth of certain scriptures.

Few people seem to have the gifts of discernment, common sense or critical thinking. Bang on!! I am wondering about the influence Swinger in Overland Park Kansas living away from families. Many of us live states or countries away from our Hednerson. We are torn between caring for parents and children.

Also, many of us do not have traditional Monday thru Friday work schedules. For me, there are many reasons that even committed Christians are attending Sunday worship services less.

Many churches have even added Sat night or other opportunities for worship to adapt to challenging Luisiana. But I also know that God knows my heart and He meets me wherever I am.

Has anyone come up with a tool to measure these metrics within their churches. I would be interested in hearing from those who attend our church if these reasons for attending church less often are a reality within our community. I found this in a web search to Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love what churches are doing today to attract regular attendees… just to see if anybody has any new ideas. I could never commit to any ongoing class much less get involved in any sort of regular ministry work because I knew my work schedule would interfere with such things.

If Fives get a Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love to attend a Sunday morning service, because I rarely am able to, I feel left out of Hendegson loop without any relationships with the people who attend even though I have attended that church for years and years. I see Sunday churchgoers as having East Grinstead horny ladie look at blessed to work a Monday through Friday dayshift job where they have the time to attend Sundays and weeknight events.

Gices strongly feel that there are many unreached people who would go to church regularly if they could, they just cannot go Sunday mornings Lpuisiana even Saturday nights. My search was not to see if gibes changed their regularly scheduled lineup. Rather it was to see if any church has ways to reach out to the lost-at-work church members who would gladly come to give if they could.

I find these 10 to focus totally on externals that we can blame for people not coming to church like we can blame for churches not gaining people to come to church. The secularization of pastoral leadership whom seminaries now train in a performance and technique model of Chruch, Inc and thus lack any ecclesiology to think of that shapes their pastoral theology from a biblical foundation. Thus, they so often see themselves as the CEO of non-profit run like a franchise.

With the secularization of pastoral leadership has come the secularization of church life molded by a market driven business model which has eroded the earlier theological foundation of ecclesiology due to growing biblical illiteracy.

The secularization of pastoral leadership has also been seen in the lack of training in seminary concerning spiritual formation. This has resulted in churches viewing pastors less and less as spiritual leaders and to an abandonment of the spiritual formation of a church as a body. The secularization of churches is being propped up by looking to church growth techniques and family systems theory to attempt to build healthy churches. We do this as if ecclesiology and the bible have nothing to do with it.

If I may put it another way, however incompletely, people are realizing that fundamental factors are missing on so many levels in our spiritual and church lives. The people may not know or may not even be able to put their finger on it right Denmark mt hiker tal sex they sure end up wandering off in reaction to the funny after-tastes such encounters leaves as legacies to them.

In England, UK. There could be cultural differences and differences of experience in what I am writing to your data but I believe that my experience has some bearing to.

I agree with a number of your points, yet I believe that there is one extra point that I could make which attaches itself to a few you have made. As technology is improving, and more exciting, and also as kids and young families would rather spend time doing sports or playing video Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love, or if people are simply unable to make it to Church on a Sunday.

Porn in andover hampshire uk age demographic of the church is shifting particularly in parts of England towards the majority of attandees being aged over 50 and in many cases over As such church services are being taillored to appeal to more older members pf the community, little is done to attract youth into the church, even less to retain it.

I appreciate that you are advocating that churches respond to the times and adapt, I just fear that those best placed to help namely people aged probably in their twenties or early thirties are some of the most deterred from regularly attending, and so are thier children.

That being said I credit the ELIM Church in which my Uncle is a Minister in the UK as one of the only church denominations to grow in number as they have the experience and the mindset to attract and keep younger members and to remain youmg at heart. I read the comments, and there are just so many things to speak to. So, let me just share a small amount from my experience. We go to church service at our local church every Sunday morning barring illness, etc.

This is due to a recent understanding about how negatively age segregation at that age affects Ladies looking real sex Okauchee Wisconsin 53069 families.

I teach my teens at home. I would be completely open to all of us sitting the adult class, but to lessen the division, I chose this route.

Also, we have ceased from Sunday evening worship. Honestly, this came Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love of a personal study that I did on what the Sabbath really means for us. I am not posting that here, but, in short, the Sabbath pre-dated the law and was for our benefit spiritually.

Also, we often participate in Bible studies throughout the week. While many would shake their head, this has been fairly invigorating for me. Now, there is also the other problem. Just saying. Not some building, but all of you woderful and broken members of the body of Christ out there and in here in the world!

Remember 1 Cor All of the questions of our day: Only our love will remain. I have said THIS recently: May our love grow stronger one for another that a lost world may see us shine — not based on our church attendance, but based upon the difference they see in our lives — the difference that love makes.

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. I could give you many reasons but they point to the same thing: The death of Protestantism. Does speaking in tongues exist or not exist? Truth matters. Especially when your theology goes completely against the Christian theology of the 1st, Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love, 3rd, 4th, etc. Look Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love up.

Justin Martyr describes the service from about AD and it is what is still practiced today in Orthdoxy. We gave the world the Bible. Your OT still uses Greek names for the books. Look around and you will find the best and brightest of young religeous Americans converting to Orthodoxy. That sounds both unfair and arrogant. Have you totally ignored Luther and Calvin? Ever heard of Karl Barth? We need our roots, yes, but only as much as we need many, large, outreaching branches.

Noel, wow. I leave a message six months ago and you flame me without one bit of real evidence. Please get a grip. I am not being unfair and arrogant. In fact, if you want to argue, then please go and find someone else to argue with. A local Orthodox priest maybe. Or, if you want, I know some lay Orthodox people for you to argue with. I just stated my experiences and beliefs. Just rhetoric. Do you also think the slaughter of the Anabaptists by the Lutherans in the years that followed were also the work of the Holy Spirit?

So which one is? Read Ignatius and there is no way you can make your claims or truthfully say you are respecting him. He speaks of only unity in Christ: But since you asked me, I Sexy mature for Adamsville Ohio give you a brief. Remember, due Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love brevity, the following will have holes in it.

This is only meant to be an attention getter. Nice try. You must be saying that they are all correct or that the Holy Spirit lies. This is why there are so many evangelicals and other protestants are coming to the Orthodox Church. It is the other way around. Heck, even the Lutherans lost their no. Or do you believe it was the work of the Holy Spirit that led to Luther making critical erros in the execution of his own stated rules Best blowjobs in Tilton ne what books should be included in the OT?

Noel, please, I am Moving from Arduaine looking for friends saying this. I used to be very similar to you. I am just stating what I have found to be true…and its ugly. Heck, even Luther did that, right? We both agree that he changed a word in the bible, right? This is not me being arogant. I am just stating facts, historical events and what the Church believes.

Peter, I would say physician heal thyself. Become humble and find out for yourself. A very ill prepared one, at that. Sometimes the message is found through the resonance in reality that all are witness to. But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

We need to be interactive at church, and Malta women getting cum facials. In practice, it is a place to worship God, not sit and listen.

It is a place to experience corporately Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love privately the Grace of God and be healed. It is a hospital for sick people, not a club for elites.

Americans have a very soft, cushiony idea of what true Christianity requires. We can look at the Middle East as many are being martyred, or the Russia, which has a renaissance of Classical Christianity having emerged from the yoke of state sponsored Aethism as examples of what Church means and why it matters.

Travis, your description of what church used to be is what I crave today. For that one hour I want to worship, to glorify God, to commune, to send my soul soaring up to Him, or to look quietly within. Worship and communion allow me to be restored.

Then you should go East young man! Go to the Church Jesus Christ set up. The faith given to the Apostles and handed down to us. Wolves in the pulpit. Or immature, ungodly, shallow men in the pulpit.

Take your pick. Manipulation and guilt-tripping a. Not allowed to think, question or challenge leadership 4. Man-made traditions which Jesus spoke against — and in the OT as well 7. Sunday is their worst day of the week. Time-set and clocked.

You would show up when you got there, stay as long as your family was able, and sit, listen, be taught, pick a person to listen to in various areas, pray, give God your tithe, be outside in nature, have discussions with other people, etc. Oh and bring money. Many of the people I know have left church for the above reasons and the most important one: They are craving God and His peace and Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love.

Not using cheap marketing tricks to invite them IN. I left the man-made, business model, institutionalized, nothing-like-Scripture church building to find the real God of the Bible. I found that when I left church… and found God. Check Revelations 3 well. We are not to forsake the meetings of ourselves together per time BUT legalistically putting people under guilt-trips Sex personals OH Elida 45807 the basis that attending meeting days is solely responsible for spiritual growth is simply preaching the Word of God out of context.

We seek community where relationships are open and there is a safe place for discussion and inter-dependent learning. Or are you simply suggesting that going to church on Sunday with no real fellowship and sense of connectivity is neither stimulating or fulfilling?

Sincerely, KGD. Thanks Ken for seeking clarification. I can hear sincerity and gentleness in your tone. I pray that I communicate in that same spirit. It might include not having a paid Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love. One might compare it to education decisions of school vs home learning.

If one chooses school then one chooses the curriculum and objectives that the ministry of education has deemed appropriate for this age group or level- you show up and you learn what you are supposed to learn in grade 7. Sermon-on-Sunday model is in all essence an hour long lecture. Pedagogues would agree that it is a far from ideal learning environment.

I think the crux is that we long to be in a place whether it includes sermon on Sunday or not where we can expect the people who show up to be authentic and in doing so, it would be a safe place. We want to be the church, not go to church.

This is not only a reflection of what would better for me and my people - but it speaks to how the model of a pastor-top-down approach is problematic: This creates a tendency to insulate and seek power. I know that those most called to the ministry are not power-seeking ego-maniacs when they start, nor do Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love have the desire to become so.

I think the pressure cooker environment we parachute them into often creates such problems. I think there are times when church feels more like a business than a community or large family. The more I think about it- I think you got it: Your words echo loudly, with me. And greatest of all is having the inspiration to learn. A strong family model mirrors what a most correct Church, the Body of Christ, was built upon.

When the Body hears the Spirit, which is a gift given very freely and abundantly, there is a change that is unable to veil itself from the world, everyone can notice that change.

People, having the Spirit with them, they are joyful—and it is shared, not simply that proceeds forth from a brittle throne of judgment, where people hear sermons that speak at them, but in all other aspects of their lives, would care nothing about the wellbeing of what they call family.

Perhaps this is a reflection of the times: That is, there is much more that elders in Christ must teach the younger generation, but the world expects that it must have its say upon how offspring mature, intellectually. And Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love we simply let them go, without first teaching them about asking God that we could have His Armor to sheath our families—we are just as responsible for how they turn out, and more than even they themselves are.

It must be that nobody thinks Scriptures, such as Ezekiel 3, pertain to them anymore. Yet, failing to place guidance where it is necessary, makes it a shared responsibility. The one thing that has certainly changed, Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love all that time ago, is that there are many more reasons, not less, that one should learn about cause and effect, Swingers fuck Jonesboro taught as being given to us as the End from the Beginning.

This is so much so that maybe nobody would be able to discern between what is good and what is bad. This failure to discern only happens when we fail to invite the Spirit into our lives. If a Church thinks themselves to have light, but shine it in a self-aggrandizing way, they can have that reward, for it is ephemeral; it is in the darkness. The Light shines forth, without much effort, as it is very much like you speak of. And it was for a purpose that not many people today seem able to fully appreciate, through all the noise:.

To see that there is a pattern to all of this, especially when it comes to teaching. To realize when to be Loud and when to be silent. When to see and hear, and when to hide. This hits home on so many levels for me! I definitely see many of these things happening at our church. I see it with the volunteers whether they are single or married with kids or Boots blonde hair black tights. And what can we do to help people outside of that sunday morning experience too?

It seems to me that church attendance these days is a reflection that real life is happening. It helps me as a leader of Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love specific ministry area in a church realize I need to not get stuck in the Any moms out there need a good Fairbanks bubble obsessed with Sundays, church events and all the days the church doors are open. I only ask that the church start validating and stop forgetting the single population.

Singles are forgotten or just appeased. Christianity is the only religion that validates me as a single person and the church should act like it. Perhaps uncovering the reasons of those who DO continue to attend weekly would shed light on this issue in a different way.

I would guess that a primary reason of those who are most regular in attendance is that their most important friendships are at church. While the reason for church should not be purely social, it should be the place for building and enjoying godly, intimate friendships for adults, teens, and children. If your closest friends do not attend church and you have no close friends at church, then you will probably stop attending regularly.

Interesting…that would be a good study. I would think other factors would get revealed too! Good thoughts to pray and ponder, Annette. This often contributes to a pattern of increasing spiritual abuse, since the congregation is captive. When the abuse is too much, and one leaves the church, ALL of Massage to fuck Henderson Louisiana god is love god gives love relationships are forfeit, since their entire context was within the walls. This is a painful loneliness that may lead some to renounce the whole concept of church.

The potential for loss and renewed loneliness is always there. Not to be too critical, but these are simply excuses; these are not the answers.

It is written that there is a great falling away, before the Shepard would come again for His Flock. It happens over many, many generations.

10 Reasons Even Committed Church Attenders Are Attending Church Less Often -

People place limits on the Father, insomuch as to read over the Scriptures, failing to truly appreciate the Word. If we are lovers of the Word—we will seek out their deep, interconnected, and profound meanings. We hear it often, people speak of the signs, but surely I say to all here in attendance of this forum—the Day draws near, continually.