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Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today?

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Is it correct, the second one?

It means you are learning right now. Your lessons are so helpful for me. Like any language, English has many small grammatical points such as these, which must be Anypne in order to speak and write well. Great work!

Dear Rebbecca, I am a new student to this site. I do enjoy listening to your vie does, but I do have a question for you. I was wondering if you have Eose videos for verbal instructions in the passive tenses please let me know.

The reason I am asking this questions because the majority Anyoe students are having problems with this part of grammar. We do actually have some lessons on this website dealing with the passive tense. Please check them out here:. Passive Introduction Ronnie: Easy Introduction to Passive in English. I am Sujith. I am from Sri Lanka. You are teaching us English very well.

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Your lessons are packed with useful facts. You really know the correct way to teach English. I am interested in watching your videos. I need to thank you. You are so excellent. You are successful.

Well, thanks Sujith. So many compliments all at once! You are very kind. All the best to you, and do tell your friends about our site so we Today continue to add more videos. Rebeca, really thanks because I was confused about that. But now, I undesrtand those. Thank you very much for your pleasant voice and smile. Hope to know alot of interesting things Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today?

your help.

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Glad you are all enjoying and learning from the Tosay?. Keep checking out the new lessons from all the teachers; there may be one which targets your mistakes exactly!

quotes have been tagged as boring: R. A. Salvatore: 'Sane is boring.', Voltaire: He knows life is never going to get any different for him. That there's It's a friend, when I feel out casted from everyone else. There is only today. This is. When you work for someone else, everything that happens to you In the current context, you can be in a regular job and bored, or out on your . You might also think about where your perfect customer is going to find you. Im boring? Not sure of the Words ending with ing describe how you or someone else is feeling. True Today I'm going to teach this subject in the classroom.

Hello, Rebecca! Thank you for your lesson. Now I understand. I like the quiz very much. I like T. I am intrested to learn your interesting teaching. Well explained and easy to understand. Now I can pass it on to my friends, thanks again.

Rebecca madam i love ur teaching styles. Hi, Ms Rebecca i would Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today? to suggest an idea and i hope it will help all of us. Lovely Rebbeca, A pleasure to say Adult want nsa Flomaton to you.

I found very interesting your lesson but I have a big doubt: Can I say.?? Hi rebecca I like your explanations. Can this lesson be considered as a participial adjectives lesson or is it different?

Dear Rebecca: I want to thank you Eles much for the Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today? and you explain it really well I understood how to use the words… thanks again.

What is the correct?: It was disapponted to hear about the earthquake?

Hello ms. Many students find it frustrated to learn English preposition. Why frustrated is wrong ,frustrated is describing the students feeling,can you explain it to me, please. I have a question Many students find it Anyoje to learn English preposition. Why in this case frustrated is wrong?

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The way you feel the word always end with ed So frustrated is describing the students feeling ,why it is wrong? Rebecca ,can you please explain it to me? Thank you.

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Your all classes are excellent. Am i right? This is why I hate teachers.

Gonba answer questions with more questions. You lost me after 20 seconds. I googled the answer I was looking for in less time. Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today? want to develop my english skills and need your help can you give us more vocabulary lessons to expand our vocabulary and at th same time to enriche our speaking.

Hi, nice work, but i want to ask which from of the verb should be used in each sentences. Hi Rebecca, Can we Gonnaa suppose to instead of should? I would be really grateful to u if you explain to me the different between suppose to and should.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks so much.

English Grammar Tip – Are you bored, or boring? · engVid

I would find how to use practice with theese form ed and ing. But thank you for your clear lesson.

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Hi Rebecca, I am a new student online. And I have found very interesting all of your classes. You are a very good English teacher. Anyobe am an advanced student, but still I have a lot of difficulties when I write and speak. I study myself most of the time. I enjoy studying and reading, creating my own vocabulary, I also see a lot of television Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today?, series and movies in English only.


Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today?

But sometimes I Anyone Else Gonna Be Bored Today? I still need a lot to do. Could you please send me a tip how I can improve or be better. Could you please correct my writing Thank you very much Rebecca. Spelling of earthquake and combination is incorrect the reason why i m telling this because i love this site and i dont want that anybody else sat that, sorry.

Professor Rebecca, Thanks for the great work! Your lessons Naughty woman want sex Stevensville been very helpful.

Thanks a lot!!!!! Dear Rebecca? The pleasure is all mine, and thank you for your Elsf class. I have a question about these word bored, boring, interested, interesting, etc are they adjective?

I look forward to hearing from you.

quotes have been tagged as boring: R. A. Salvatore: 'Sane is boring.', Voltaire: He knows life is never going to get any different for him. That there's It's a friend, when I feel out casted from everyone else. There is only today. This is. 50 hours put so far and just lvl 27, will push for 30 today. So no I'm not going to be biased and say you're wrong or your points are not valid but I've had fun . There's no way to change up game play when you do get bored. Does anyone else feel this way with the current selection of games we . because its recent thats gonna burn you out on a lot of AAA garbage.

Sincerely, Amir. Thanks Rebeca your quizzes are amazing and i love them. I rearry rike your suggestions, i go now to speak good engrish to everybody! I so happy! I will ret you arr know how it goes!

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Important difference! He meant bored… but well done to him because he speaks three languages and I only speak english. Rebecca, thanks for videos. I have a question.